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Tax Filings:

Insuring business is in compliance with the Federal and State Laws.

 Sales tax: Usually prepared 4 or 12 times throughout the year depending on the Income/Sales of the business. Get sales receipts and establish if taxable or not taxable.  Ex: Liquor Store or restaurant.

Payroll tax: Prepare 941 quarterly and file form to ensure business is in compliance. Then at the end of the year complete 940.

Franchise tax: Mandatory form, must be filed regardless of income made. If income is less than $250K, no need to pay tax but it must be filed.

Property tax: Mandatory form must be filed regardless of value of the equipment.

Estimated tax payments: Dependingon business you may be required to file quarterly (Federal Form).

Tax filings: Corporation 1120C & 1120S, Partnership-1065, Sole Owner-Sch-C, LLC- Sch-C

 Filings based on specific tax or business situation

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